At North Wall, we believe firmly that everybody deserves a great place to live. That houses aren’t just assets, that they’re a fundamental right.

That’s why we treat your tenants as if they’re our own. We find that tenants want to feel at home whether they actually own the space or not, and restrictions in rental agreements can sometimes dishearten tenants and make them feel like they are in someone else's space. A tenant who feels at home and like they can really sink their teeth into a space, is a tenant that stays.

Happy tenant = happy landlord. Happy tenant + happy landlord = Happy agent.

Here are a few ways to allow your tenants to create beautiful spaces without making permanent or expensive changes.

There are many ways to allow your tenants to create beautiful spaces without making permanent or expensive changes.

Walls - Paint & Wallpaper

Consider allowing tenants to paint walls, provided they pre-approve the colour with you and pay for the materials themselves. You could even come to an agreement that they change the paint colour back to the original when they leave. It can be a great way to allow a tenant to feel like the space belongs to them.

If that's not an option, recommend temporary wallpaper or removable decals to create feature walls.

Walls - Hanging Artwork

Art and photos are a great way of injecting personality into a space. Consider allowing your tenants to add hooks into walls to make the space their own. If you’re concerned about damages, then add a clause into your tenancy agreement to make sure any additional hooks are removed and patched up when the tenant moves on.

If this is definitely a no-go for you, you could suggest things like command hooks that don't leave any marks behind once removed or consider adding a peg board or cork board for tenants to pin important visual aspects onto.


Where possible, give your tenants the option to remove a piece of furniture from the property and store it for them.

Allowing them to remove a piece of furniture they particularly dislike, or to make space for their own piece that functions well for them will give them a sense of ownership over their space.

Perhaps they don't have a need for it or it clashes heavily with their personal style, it’s important that their space works for them in a practical sense as well as an emotional and aesthetic sense.

Window Trimmings

Some tenants prefer blinds, others are more traditional and prefer curtains - if possible, give them the option of which trimmings they prefer for each room. Once you own the blinds and curtain rails, they are easy to swap out.

Some tenants may want to provide their own, and it will be comforting and appreciated for them to know that they do have the option and that you are accommodating.

Aesthetic Upgrades

Landlords are responsible for maintenance but usually don't do any upgrades unless it's for health & safety or in a premium property.

Consider asking your tenant what aesthetic changes have come across their mind during their stay and see if you are able to reasonably accommodate them.

This could be switching out hardware such as cupboard and door handles which is relatively inexpensive but makes a big visual impact, or repainting a dresser or table that is looking a little worn.

Small upgrades that show your tenant you care will keep them happy for longer, and in the long term only add value to what is still your property and furnishings.


Contentious one this, but allowing pets in your property can be a good move, provided it is covered in your rental agreement and that you are protected against possible damages.

Your prospective tenant may already have a pet and want to bring them with them, or they may ask if they can have one during their tenancy. Either way, being able to share the space that they live in with pets will make anyone feel more at home. It's also shown that tenants with pets tend to stay in their living arrangements for longer than tenants without pets.

Keep in mind also that over half of Britain own pets, so it's very likely that it's something your tenant, or future tenants might be specifically searching for.

Dogs are a man’s best friend after all.


In 2020, the word "Garden" was the most used search term by renters on a popular property portal. Many of us want to feel surrounded by nature.

Add lots of plants to your property that are easy to care for, or if you do have a garden, make sure that it is well manicured with lots of colourful flowers. This is a huge draw card for tenants and will definitely make them feel like they have found something special when it comes to your property.

Bills Included

Consider calculating a fee for your property that is all inclusive. Tenants might not actually be saving money by paying an all-inclusive fee, but the psychology behind paying one fee for everything is impactful and will make tenants feel like making one payment is easier. It also saves a lot of messing around with multiple suppliers!