North Wall is a family-owned Estate Agency built on principles and values. 

We value customer service, expert know-how, and trust. And above all, we like to keep things simple.

We believe that local knowledge, years of experience and up-to-date marketing methods should be the standard, not a selling point .

We’re a new agency but staffed by experienced hands. There’s not a lot we’ve not dealt with when it comes to property, so you can be confident in the level of service we provide.

Our mission is to help make buying and selling houses better. 

We’d seen first-hand how other agencies operate – chasing sales, reducing fees to win business while the service level drops. It’s unsustainable, and it means that buyers and sellers lose out. 

We believe that buyers and sellers deserve more, and so we decided very early to build our agency our service and values. We spoke with friends, family and clients and asked them what they value most in an estate agent – it turns out trust, communication and confidence are more important than low fees and sellers carrying out their own viewings.

It means we won’t be for everybody, but that’s ok.

We want to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other.

But if you do decide that we’re the right agency for you, we’ll do our level best to market your property beautifully, negotiate the best price from the best buyer and manage your sale through to completion with regular communication however you want it – email, phone or text. We’ll even negotiate your next purchase if you’d like us to.

And did we mention our selected panel of solicitors? We work with leading law firms that we know will handle your sale professionally and quickly. It means we have very few fall-throughs once a sale is agreed.

If you’re thinking of selling sometime soon, give us a call on 0151 804 4303.



Our values are really, really important to us.

We built this business around them because we saw they were lacking.

We are committed, principled, resourceful, fair, team-oriented, sustainable and personal.

Our values and personality will be broadcast through everything we do.

We believe that houses aren’t just assets, they’re homes, they’re a fundamental right. Places of stability and safety - and right now that feels like it matters more than ever.